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POPS UK is the British branch or the Parachutists Over Phorty Society (for skydivers over the age of forty) . The first POPS was founded in 1966 in the USA; the UK Society was started in 1978. POPS UK currently has membership numbers of about 1000. Membership is via application and a lifetime subscription, currently £20.

The UK POPS has a main meet each year on the last weekend in June, which traditionally includes the "Hit and Rock" competition. Additional meets, including big way record attempts, and introductions to new disciplines held from time to time.

The main competition of the meet is usually four way scrambles, and if there is time of the weather warrants it we have an accuaracy or target accuracy competition. Oh, yes. I nearly forgot. We also have barbies and parties and drink some wine and beer at these meetings.

There are also less formal gatherings such as occasional meets, for example, in Cyprus. In addition, there is full program of POPS meets around Europe

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