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Competition Results

4th World POPS meeting at Jordan, 1997

  •       Precision Accuracy:            Gold, Jeff Chandler.
  •       4 Way FS Scrambles:         Silver, Jeff Chandler.

5th World POPS meeting at Canada, 1999

  •       Precision Accuracy:            Gold, Jeff Chandler.

6th World POPS meeting at New Zealand, 2002

  •       Precision Accuracy:           Gold, Jeff Chandler.
  •       4 Way FS Scrambles:         Gold, Jeff Chandler.

7th World POPS meeting at Switzerland, 2004

  •       4 Way FS Scrambles:         Gold, Andrews Edmonds.
  •       4 Way FS Scrambles:         Siver, Pete Shew.

8th World POPS meeting at USA, 2006

  •       4 Way FS Scrambles:         Siver, Niels Hanson.

9th World POPS meeting at Australia, 2008

  •       No Medals 

10th World POPS meeting at Italy, 2010

  •       No Medals

11th World POPS meeting at Teuge, Netherlands, 2012

  •       4 Way FS Nationals:                  Gold, Jeff Chandler, Freddy Deman, Niels Hansen and Chris Shaw, Ian Nicholson Camera.
  •       4 way Scrambles:                       Gold, Niels Hansen.
  •       Speed FS (7's):                           Gold, Mike Nunn. Silver, Chris Shaw. Bronze, Clive Plummer.
  •       Sports SOS Accuracy:                Gold, Niels Hansen.
  •       Winners of crystal plate:            Team Siolfur 330, Cameraman Ian Nicholson