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Upcoming events

Events for 2017 :-

28 January                   UK Annual General Meeting at the East Midland Conference Centre, University Park, Nottingham


24 - 25 June                    Warm up weekend at Langar for SOS record attempt. This is intended for those SOS members who would like to develop

                                        their skills to cover the latest theories on how to build big ways and get ready for the record attempt.

                                       If you would like to be part of this weekend please contact Chris Shaw

                                       on chris.vl.shawbtinternet.com">chris.vl.shawbtinternet.com.


15 - 16 July                  SOS UK big way record  attempt at Langar. The target is to get more than twenty SOS in a formation. Two Grand Caravans

                                      will be available. If you would like to be part of this record attempt please contact Chris Shaw

                                      on chris.vl.shawbtinternet.com">chris.vl.shawbtinternet.com


11 - 15 September      POPS 50-way formation record attempt. If you would like to part of this record attempt please contact Jack Felstead

                                        on jackfelsteaduwclub.net">jackfelsteaduwclub.net 



19- 28 April 2018        The 14th World POPS Meet and Championships will be held at Skydive Nagambie, Australia.