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Skydivers Over Sixty (UK).

SOS UK is the British branch of the Skydivers Over Sixty society (for skydivers over the age of sixty). SOS UK was founded in 2006 and has more than forty active members. Membership is via application and a lifetime subscription, currently £5. You will also need to be a member of POPS UK. SOS UK meet at the same time as POPS UK..

To join the SOS you will need to apply to John Houghland (at a POPS meet), or you can download and send the membership form to John together with your fee.


SOS UK records

  • Formation skydiving: 13 way, 14 September 2014, Langar  -   see below
  • FS sequential: 2-point, 8-way, 3 July 2016, Langar   -    Ron Wands, Stuart Charlton, Jack Felstead, Andy Gibson, Caroline O'Hagan, John Houghland, Eddie McBride  and John Trevor
  • FS sequential: 5-point, 6-way, 19 June 2016, Langar  -  Chris Shaw, Dick Barton, John Boxall, Jeff Chandler, Paul French and Michael Whyborn. This is also a WORLD SOS RECORD.          


Current UK formation skydiving record 

On 13th September 2014 at Langar Airfield SOS UK built a record 13-way formation. The skydivers were Jeff Chandler, Keith Clarke, Paul French, Andy Gibson, Ken Gregory, Jack Felstead, Eddie McBride, George Raft, Chris Shaw (coach), Pete Stone, John Trevor, Ron Wands and Michael Whyborn. The cameraman was Mike Coleman, SOS.

Two twenty-two formation loads on 14th September, using two planes, did not build. An eighteen formation load on 3rd July 2016 nearly completed. The next record attempt will be in 2017.


Second SOS UK formation skydiving record

On 3rd November 2012 at Netheravon SOS UK created a new SOS UK record 8-way formation.  The skydivers were Jeff Chandler (65), John Flower (70), John Houghland (65), John Knight (75), Caroline O'Hagan (66), Chris Shaw (62), George Raft (66) and Steve Tomlin (60).


First SOS UK formation skydiving record

For the first time since its formation this year, the SOS UK has created a SOS UK record 5-way. It took place on Sunday 15th October 2006, was videoed by Mike Coleman and authenticated by Steve Scott, CCI Weston. The Jumpers were :

  • Lennie Mobbs
  • Eddie McBride
  • Roger Flavell
  • John Knight
  • Caroline O'Hagan

They made a 5-way star, followed by Roger in the middle and the rest forming 2-way pods with the outer hands of each pod member taking handgrips on Roger's arm and leg, i e 'sidepods'